I’ve been using Senja hair oil for 2 years and I really love the result. My hair volume, frizz and dry becomes beautiful and easy to style, also don’t need to tie my hair all day long. Thank you Utama Spice
it’s been one of the best impulsive purchases for me!
I picked up a bottle of Senja Hair Oil on a whim, and it’s been one of the best impulsive purchases for me! I use it once or twice a week, and my hair has never been this soft, smooth, and silky! Will definitely be purchasing again (probably the Lavender variant next time). Awesome product!
I love thir inceense!!!
I love their incense!!! The best! I went t the store in Sanur. They are very sweet there and helpful.
Utama Spice in Bandung
Thank u for opening the utama spice in bandung jawa barat…i am the most excited personnnn to know that..love allllll of ur product..especially begone bug and yoga mat spray..thank you for bringing such a wonderful product for this poisonous earth
love the new website
Love the new website. Very user friendly. Great service. Payment was quick and easy. Delivery made within 1 working day from Bali to Australia. Would highly recommend products.
Absolutely adore the Senja body mist
Absolutely adore the Senja body mist. Now have the cocoa lip balm! Mmmm, delicious! Just might need another trip back to Bali for more supplies
Absolutely beautiful products
Absolutely beautiful products. Every product that I have bought in Bali is excellent quality with lovely fragrances.
Jojoba oil
Picked up jojoba oil and ever since then, cannot stop using it
Love the begone bug
Love the begone bug it’s 100% natural, so nice to use on your skin – chemical free
I really love all the ranges of the products
I really love all the ranges of the products, it’s natural, and it works well on me, it’s the most pleasant impulsive decision I have ever made 🙂
Body Butter
Love the body butter
Utama Spice
Gak sabar nunggu gajian.. Beli productnya utama spice.. Mau terus langganan..
Amazing products
Amazing products ❤️ I love the Senja hair oil.
I love your products
I love your products, especially because they are natural! I love the “Begone bug” and “Lemongrass Ginger Body Butter”!
Beautiful all natural products
Beautiful all natural products. The facial serum and hydrating sprays are amazing

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