From the beginning we made the decision that the price of our products was reflected by the quality of their ingredients and not the packaging they were in. As Utama Spice has evolved so have our feelings with our packaging. Being located on a small island that is inundated with single use plastic packaging and lacking in proper waste management we are painfully aware of the devastating impact single use plastic packaging has on the environment.

We have always used high-quality plastic that has a high recycle value IF THEY ARE RECYCLED. While we always dreamed that our bottles were being recycled we know that up to 90% of the plastic waste we were creating was never going to be recycled, ending up in landfills and our oceans and we wanted this to CHANGE.

After searching high and low for truly sustainable packaging. Packaging that could easily be recycled, packaging that wasn’t green washed, and packaging that was still convenient to use we decided glass and aluminium were the best options.

Aluminium is the most valuable recyclable metal. Unlike plastics, which decrease in quality each time they are recycled eventually becoming non-recyclable and ending up in landfills or oceans. Aluminium and Glass can continually be broken down and formed into the same product again and again without losing its quality.


The ultimate goal is not just to use sustainable packaging but to reduce the amount of material used for packaging as a whole, meaning the best option is for customers to bring in their bottles and use our in-store refill stations. This however is not always convenient or possible so we wanted a way to bring the refill to you.


There is no denying that aluminium bottles are more expensive than their plastic counterparts, by providing you with the refill option we are able to give you a price comparable to if we used a plastic bottle.


Even though there is still packaging involved in the refill it is less than what would be used if you were to purchase the heavier primary packaging.


While the bottles are recyclable they still use plastic sprays and pumps for practicality reasons. By offering refills these pumps and sprays are being used many more times and by doing so reducing the number thrown out.


We hope by encouraging our customer to refill their favourite products we are helping to build habits that will permeate through to other parts of their lives.
Why The Refills? It’s important for us to provide a plastic free and economic solution to our customers that aren’t able to make it into our shops to refill their favourite products.

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