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Andrée Burelli is an Italian artist based in Berlin since 2009. She is an electroacoustic music composer who has worked under the alias Bodyverse for a few years and who more recently has started to release her music under her own name. She released numerous records on Berlin and US based imprints as Lontano Series, Rohs! Records, American Dreams Records and her own Sunrise Ruby Records. She garnered positive reviews from Bandcamp Daily and Groove Magazine (2019/2020), she won an artistic residency at Amplify Berlin (June 2020), a grant by the Spatial Sound Institute (July 2020) for a commissioned composition and a Musikfonds scholarship to compose her next record. Burelli is an educated instrumentalist with a background in western classical music and jazz, and deeply influenced by representative contemporary figures of mediterranean music, balcan traditions as well as middle eastern and hindustani classical music. She holds two master degrees in Fine Arts from the Universities of Granada and Basque Country, respectively. She has played radio shows at Rinse France, Cashmere Radio and Reboot FM in Berlin, and live shows in Italy and Germany.