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Andrée Burelli is a Venetian artist based in Berlin since 2009 whose works focus on avant-garde, ambient and experiental electronics. She is an electroacoustic music composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, poet, painter, performer and video-artist. She holds a master degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and a second master degree part of a Phd Program of the University of Bilbao for which she was awarded with a prize for research for her thesis ‘Masks in contemporary art in relation to the concepts of identity, sexuality and ethnicity’. Burelli’s music got influenced by her studies in violin, by Hindustani classical music for her practice in the art of Tabla in Benares gharānā (Style), by Mediterranean folk music especially by studying at the Ross Daly’s Labyrinth Musical Workshops in Greece and by Berlin electronic music culture. She’s released limited tapes, vinyl and CDs under her previous moniker Bodyverse as well as under her own name with the independent imprints Lontano Series, Rohs! and American Dreams Records. Her work has been supported by institutions such as Spatial Sound Institute, Moog Instr. and Amplify Berlin. She has been recipient of numerous German grants and fundings in support of her sonic research and production.