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Lavender oil is extracted from the flowering top of a lavender plant through steam distillation. Lavender essential oil has been used as far back as ancient Egypt, and it is still the most used essential oil worldwide today.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of lavender essential oil can treat skin conditions, such as acne, and help reverse the signs of aging. It also helps heal burns, cuts, and rashes. Lavender has calming properties, which can reduce stress, improve brain function, and reduce insomnia.

  • Soothes and heals skin conditions
  • Improves mood and reduces stress
  • Assists in regulating sleep quality
  • Treats acne and has anti aging properties
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • Helps to repel bugs
  • Reduces irritation caused by bug bites
  • Anti-inflammatory

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Lavender oil is extracted from the flowering top of a lavender plant through steam distillation. Lavender essential oil has been used as far back as ancient Egypt, and it is still the most used essential oil worldwide today.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of lavender essential oil can treat skin conditions, such as acne, and help reverse the signs of aging. It also helps heal burns, cuts, and rashes. Lavender has calming properties, which can reduce stress, improve brain function, and reduce insomnia.

  • Soothes and heals skin conditions
  • Improves mood and reduces stress
  • Assists in regulating sleep quality
  • Treats acne and has anti aging properties
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • Helps to repel bugs
  • Reduces irritation caused by bug bites
  • Anti-inflammatory


Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil extracted by steam distilation 100%


Essential oils have the natural ability to heal, soothe, and stimulate. With antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, essential oils have a wide variety of uses.

Sniff essential oils right from the bottle for an instant pick-me-up, to relive anxiety, or to induce relaxation. Add to carrier oil, such as jojoba, and use in a soothing massage. Place a few drops in diffuser to eliminate household odors. Add to cleaning products for more antibacterial and antimicrobial power. During cold and flu season, diffuse daily to stimulate immunity. Mix with carrier oil and apply to the skin to heal wounds. Add a drop or two to your face serum and apply daily to and protect skin against the signs of aging.

Before applying to skin, do a patch test.

How to patch test – Wash, clean, and dry the area on your upper arm near the crook of your elbow. Apply small amount of essential oil and cover with a bandage. Leave the bandage on for 24 hours, then remove and check for irritation. If skin looks clear and there is no reaction after the allotted test time, the oil is presumably safe to use. If you feel irritation at any time duringthe test, remove bandage and wash area with soap and water.

Lavender Essential Oil

Classic, familiar, and beloved — lavender essential oil is, undoubtedly, one of the most (if not the most) well-known essential oils. Used for thousands of years by even the ancient Egyptians and Romans, lavender essential oil is what crosses most people’s mind when you mention “essential oil”

Today, we are paying homage to this celebrated and highly versatile essential oil.  We are exploring everything to do with lavender essential oil — from its extraction to its multitude of uses and benefits as well as the other essential oils it blends well with.

What is Lavender Essential Oil Made Of?

Lavender essential oil (scientifically known as Lavandula angustifolia) is derived from, well, the lavender flower. The lavender plant is a perennial evergreen plant that thrives in dry grassy slopes. There are over 30 species of lavender worldwide and hundred of genotypes. They are distinguished by their form and also the chemical composition of their essential oils.

Now grown quite globally, lavender is native to the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, and Croatia) where there are wet winters and dry summers.

Lavender blooms vary in sizes and shapes and they grow on long spikes or stems. The growing conditions of the lavender plant significantly affect the quality of the essential oil. Factors such as season, climate, moisture levels, and soil all come into play here.

Lavender essential oil can be found in the microscopic glands on the outside ring of the flower petals, the inside of the flower petals, the leaves, and on the stalks and branches.

How is Lavender Essential Oil Extracted?

Lavender essential oil is extracted via a steam distillation process.

But, before the distillation, the lavender blooms must first be harvested. The ideal time for harvesting is when the flowers are in full bloom and this is usually around June. If the flowers are harvested before they are fully matured, this will negatively affect the quality of the oil.

Once harvested, the lavender flowers are compacted into a still to undergo the steam distillation process. Here, the stills are steamed, the steam is collected, and finally, the oil is separated and collected from the water.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

1.     Improves sleep quality

If you are tossing and turning at night and in need of an essential oil to help you catch some z’s, lavender essential oil is it. Research has found that a few whiffs of lavender essential oil before bed promote deep sleep in young men and women.

Besides that, the essential oil is also a saving grace for those suffering from insomnia. This is because inhaling lavender essential oil has been shown to improve the quality of sleep of those suffering from insomnia.

Either diffuse lavender essential oil before you head to bed or add a few drops of the oil to your pillow every night to get a good night’s rest.

2.     Manages and reduces anxiety as well as stress

The magic of lavender essential oil is not limited to just improving sleep quality. The oil can also help to reduce anxiety levels. In fact, it has been suggested that lavender oil could even take on prescription medicine when it comes to reducing generalized anxiety.

Keep lavender essential oil close at hand and inhale the soothing oil when you feel anxious or are simply overwhelmed and stressed.

3.     Excellent for your skin

Lavender essential oil is one of the best oils around for your skin. Everything from acne and dry skin to inflammation and hyperpigmentation can be fixed by this miracle essential oil.

For example, with acne, the oil kills the bacteria responsible for breakouts and heals your skin by reducing inflammation. To fight acne, dilute a drop of lavender essential oil with coconut oil (or other carrier oil) and apply it to your clean face.

As an alternative, you can also use the oil as a facial toner by mixing two drops of the oil with a teaspoon of witch hazel. Soak a cotton pad or ball with the solution and swipe it across your face. For spot treatment, mix a drop of the essential oil with tea tree oil and apply it directly onto the affected area.

4.     Inhibits and treats hair loss

For long luscious locks, get your hands on some lavender essential oil now. While the research and studies on this are still in the preliminary stage, the essential oil is possibly effective in significantly improving hair loss in alopecia areata (spot baldness).

There is no harm in getting ahead of the research and studies by incorporating the essential oil into your hair care routine now. So, start by adding a drop or two of lavender essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner.

Alternatively, use the essential oil as a sort of leave-in treatment by rubbing a drop of the oil onto your hair. The bonus of doing this is that you will smell amazing all day long.

5.     Rich in wound-healing properties

Lavender essential oil can help to speed up the wound-healing process for burns, cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds. In these circumstances, lavender oil helps the wound to contract and also promotes the healing of skin tissue.

For small wounds, mix three or four drops of lavender essential oil with a few drops of coconut oil and apply the mixture to the wound with a cotton bud. You can use this combination to reduce scars, too, after your wound has healed.

6.     Relieves pain

Lavender essential oil’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities make it an effective pain reliever. Osteoarthritis pain, neck pain, back pain, and period pain; lavender essential oil is the perfect relief for all of these conditions.

For some swift relief, mix lavender essential oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut, jojoba, or almond) and massage the blend onto the affected area.

7.     Naturally repels insect and mitigates itchiness

Lavender essential not only acts as a natural insect repellent but it can also relieve itching. This is why many store-bought mosquito repellents list lavender oil as one of their ingredients.

For a DIY insect repellent spray, mix four drops of lavender essential oil with some water in a spray bottle and shake the mixture well. You can use this on your home, furniture, clothes, and even your body.

If you are using the oil to relieve itchiness, mix the oil with a carrier oil and apply it to the bite twice a day or as needed.

Mixing Lavender Essential Oil with Other Essential Oils

You would be hard-pressed to find an essential oil that does not blend well with lavender essential oil.

Lavender is excellent with bergamot, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, geranium, frankincense, juniper berry, vetiver, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, clary sage, rosemary, and more. As we said, it is hard to find an essential oil that does not pair well with lavender.

Other Good-to-Know Information

Sadly, some people are allergic to lavender essential oil. So, start with a patch test just in case you are one of those allergic to the oil. Spare yourself the trouble of irritation, hives, redness, itchiness, and other unpleasant side effects.

If you are currently on medication (especially for drugs that induce sleepiness), seek medical advice before using lavender oil.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Right For You?

A favorite and must-have of many, you really cannot go wrong with the classic lavender essential oil.

Additional information

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Deskripsi Bahasa Indonesia

Essential Oil Lavender

Klasik, terkenal dan dicintai – essential oil lavender, tidak diragukan lagi, adalah salah satu essential oil yang paling terkenal (jika bukan yang nomor satu). Telah digunakan selama ribuan tahun bahkan oleh orang Mesir dan Romawi kuno, essential oil lavender adalah apa yang terlintas di benak kebanyakan orang ketika kamu menyebutkan ” essential oil ”

Hari ini, kami mau memberi penghormatan kepada essential oil yang terkenal dan sangat serbaguna ini. Kami sedang mengeksplorasi segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan essential oil lavender – mulai dari cara ekstraksi hingga banyak kegunaan dan manfaatnya serta essential oil lain cocok untuk dicampur dengan nya.


Apa itu Essential Oil Lavender?

Essential oil lavender (secara ilmiah dikenal sebagai Lavandula angustifolia) berasal dari, ya tentunya, bunga lavender. Tanaman lavender adalah tanaman hijau abadi yang tumbuh subur di lereng berumput kering. Ada lebih dari 30 spesies tanaman lavender di seluruh dunia dan ratusan genotipe. Mereka dibedakan berdasarkan bentuk dan komposisi kimia essential oil mereka.

Sekarang telah tumbuh cukup mendunia, lavender adalah tanaman asli pegunungan Mediterania (Spanyol, Prancis, Italia, dan Kroasia) di mana terdapat musim dingin yang basah dan musim panas yang kering.

Lavender mekar bervariasi dalam ukuran dan bentuk dan mereka tumbuh pada paku atau batang panjang. Kondisi pertumbuhan tanaman lavender secara signifikan mempengaruhi kualitas essential oilnya. Faktor-faktor seperti musim, iklim, tingkat kelembaban, dan kondisi tanah sangatlah berperan di sini.

Essential oil lavender dapat ditemukan pada kelenjar mikroskopis di lingkaran luar kelopak bunga, bagian dalam kelopak bunga, daun, dan pada batang dan cabangnya.


Bagaimana Essential Oil Lavender Diekstraksi?

Essential oil Lavender diekstraksi melalui proses destilasi uap.

Tapi, sebelum penyulingan, bunga mekar lavender harus dipanen terlebih dahulu. Waktu yang ideal untuk panen adalah ketika bunga mekar sepenuhnya dan ini biasanya sekitar bulan Juni. Jika bunga dipanen sebelum benar-benar mekar, maka ini akan berdampak negatif pada kualitas minyak yang dihasilkan.

Setelah dipanen, bunga lavender dipadatkan dan didiamkan untuk menjalani proses destilasi uap. Di sini, lavender akan dikukus, lalu dikumpulkan uapnya, dan akhirnya, minyak akan dipisahkan dari air.


Manfaat Essential Oil Lavender

  1. Meningkatkan kualitas tidur

Jika kamu sering membolak-balikkan badan di malam hari dan membutuhkan essential oil untuk membantumu tertidur, maka essential oil lavender lah jawabannya. Penelitian telah menemukan bahwa menghirup aroma essential oil lavender sebelum pergi tidur dapat meningkatkan kualitas tidur lelaki dan perempuan muda.

Selain itu, essential oil ini juga merupakan anugrah yang sangat membantu bagi mereka yang menderita insomnia. Ini karena menghirup essential oil lavender telah terbukti meningkatkan kualitas tidur orang-orang yang menderita insomnia.

Baik menebar essential oil lavender sebelum kamu tidur atau menambahkan beberapa tetes minyak pada bantal setiap malam, keduanya membantu dalam mendapatkan istirahat malam yang baik.

  1. Mengatasi dan mengurangi kecemasan serta stres

Keajaiban essential oil lavender tidak terbatas pada meningkatkan kualitas tidur saja. Minyak ini juga dapat membantu mengurangi tingkat kecemasan. Bahkan, telah disarankan bahwa minyak lavender juga dapat diminum sebagai resep obat untuk mengurangi kecemasan yang umum.

Pastikan essential oil lavender selalu ada di dekatmu dan ambillah minyak yang menenangkan ini ketika kamu merasa panik atau hanya merasa kewalahan dan stres.

  1. Sangat baik untuk kulit mu

Essential oil lavender adalah salah satu minyak terbaik untuk kulit mu. Semuanya, mulai dari jerawat dan kulit kering hingga peradangan dan hiperpigmentasi dapat diperbaiki dengan essential oil ajaib ini.

Contohnya, pada jerawat, minyak ini membunuh bakteri yang bertanggung jawab untuk masalah jerawat dan menyembuhkan kulit mu dengan mengurangi peradangan. Untuk mengatasi jerawat, encerkan setetes essential oil lavender dengan minyak kelapa (atau minyak pembawa lainnya) lalu oleskan ke wajah yang sudah dibersihkan.

Untuk alternatif, kamu juga bisa menggunakan minyak ini sebagai toner wajah dengan mencampurkan dua tetes essential oil dengan satu sendok teh witch hazel. Rendam kapas atau bola kapas dengan larutan tersebut lalu usapkan ke seluruh permukaan wajah mu. Untuk perawatan di spot tertentu, campurkan setetes essential oil lavender dengan tea tree oil dan oleskan langsung ke daerah yang bermasalah.

  1. Menghambat dan mengobati rambut rontok

Untuk rambut sehat dan panjang, miliki essential oil lavender sekarang. Walaupun penelitian dan studi tentang hal ini masih dalam tahap awal, essential oil lavender mungkin efektif untuk secara signifikan memperbaiki masalah kerontokan rambut di alopecia areata (titik kebotakan).

Tidak ada salahnya melanjutkan penelitian dan studi dengan memasukkan essential oil ini ke dalam rutinitas perawatan rambut mu sekarang. Jadi, mulailah dengan menambahkan satu atau dua tetes essential oil lavender ke sampo atau kondisioner mu.

Atau, gunakan essential oil ini sebagai semacam perawatan pada rambut dengan mengoleskan setetes minyak ke rambut mu. Bonus dalam melakukan ini adalah bahwa kamu akan wangi luar biasa sepanjang hari.

  1. Kaya akan sifat untuk menyembuhkan luka

Essential oil lavender dapat membantu mempercepat proses penyembuhan luka pada luka bakar, lecet, goresan, dan luka ringan lainnya. Dalam keadaan ini, minyak lavender membantu luka berkontraksi dan juga meningkatkan penyembuhan jaringan kulit.

Untuk luka kecil, campurkan tiga atau empat tetes essential oil lavender dengan beberapa tetes minyak kelapa dan oleskan campuran tersebut pada luka dengan cotton bud. Kamu bisa menggunakan kombinasi yang sama untuk menyamarkan bekas luka, setelah lukamu sembuh.

  1. Meredakan rasa sakit

Kualitas anti-inflamasi dan analgesik pada essential oil Lavender menjadikannya pereda nyeri yang efektif. Nyeri osteoartritis, nyeri leher, nyeri punggung, dan nyeri haid; essential oil lavender adalah solusi yang sempurna untuk semua kondisi tersebut.

Untuk respon cepat, campurkan essential oil lavender dengan minyak pendamping (seperti kelapa, jojoba, atau almond) lalu pijatkan campuran tersebut ke area yang bermasalah.

  1. Secara alami mengusir serangga dan mengurangi rasa gatal

Ekstrak Lavender tidak hanya bertindak sebagai penolak serangga alami tetapi juga dapat menghilangkan rasa gatal. Inilah sebabnya mengapa banyak obat pengusir nyamuk yang dibeli di toko mencantumkan minyak lavender sebagai salah satu bahannya.

Untuk semprotan anti serangga buatan sendiri, campurkan empat tetes essential oil lavender dengan air ke dalam botol semprot lalu kocok campurannya dengan baik. Kamu bisa menggunakannya di rumah, furnitur, pakaian, dan bahkan pada tubuh.

Kalau kamu menggunakan minyak ini untuk menghilangkan rasa gatal, campur minyak dengan minyak pendamping lalu oleskan ke gigitan dua kali sehari atau sesuai kebutuhan.


Mencampur Essential Oil Lavender dengan Essential Oil Lainnya

Kamu akan kesulitan untuk menemukan Essential Oil yang tidak menyatu dengan Essential Oil lavender.

Lavender sangat baik dengan bergamot, neroli, patchouli, cendana, mawar, geranium, frankincense, juniper berry, vetiver, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, clary sage, rosemary, dan banyak lagi. Seperti yang kami katakan, sulit untuk menemukan Essential Oil yang tidak cocok dengan lavender.


Informasi Good-to-Know Lainnya

Sayangnya, beberapa orang memiliki alergi terhadap Essential Oil lavender. Jadi, mulailah menguji sepetak kecil pada kulit untuk berjaga-jaga jika kamu salah satu dari mereka yang alergi terhadap minyak ini. Hindarkan diri dari masalah iritasi, gatal-gatal, kemerahan, gatal, dan efek samping yang tidak menyenangkan lainnya.

Jika saat ini kamu sedang dalam pengobatan (terutama untuk obat-obatan yang menyebabkan kantuk), cari saran medis sebelum menggunakan minyak lavender.


Apakah Essential Oil Lavender Tepat Untuk Kamu?

Favorit dan wajib untuk dimiliki banyak orang, kamu benar-benar tidak akan salah dengan Essential Oil lavender yang klasik ini.


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